Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Wireless Modem and Children

I have found a new point of torture for my children. I’m sure you have the same problem, they turn deaf whenever something needs to be done. They suddenly acquire Alzheimer’s when you ask them to do something as you head out the door. They won’t go to bed, they basically refuse to listen and you are sick of it.

Most often the cause seems to be a conversation via MSN or a computer game. (we only have computers and PSP2 here)

I’ve found a solution for us and possibly for you!

We run a modem with an aerial, which allows the kids, via dongles to access the internet.

I unplug said aerial and thus instantly remove internet access!

Suddenly I have mild, co-operative, non-combative children begging to do as I ask.

Try it – you might be surprised at the results. If they really peeve you off – try taking the aerial to work with you, BUT make sure you have password protected your PC or they will just use that as an access point!

Good luck!


  1. The modern version of turning the tv off at the wall, except it could be turned back on.

  2. That's the one - although I do know one father who actually cut the TV 240v cord with a pair of scissors just to prove a point! - I believe said TV was unplugged - or I'm sure he wouldn't be here to speak of it!

  3. Ohhhh, I am going to send this post to my BFF - what a wonderful solution.