Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where are all the Nanna’s and Grandpas?

Hubby and I were talking last night. A topic came up that made me realize that perhaps some of the current problems with our youth and in the family unit tied back to the age of the parents and grandparents and thus the passing on of these generations before the children are born.

Let's look at some numbers:-

Once upon a time it was extremely common for nanna, grandpa, mum and dad and children to all live nearby even under the same roof and sometimes even great nan and gramps. Which is four generations of family close by and three different generations to help with the upbringing of the next generation.

Now more often than not, there are no great nans and gramps and even nanna and grandpa have passed away. Leaving only the two of you and any off-spring. Which in turn leaves no-one to assist with discipline.

Is the increasing age of parents and marriage causing all the problems we are having with our youth currently??

Is the need to have everything and be ‘me’ before marriage killing our children and possibly the human race?


  1. You could be on the right track here. The late Ruby Hunter talked of growing up before she was 'stolen' and how the whole family was involved in bringing up a child and that there was always someone to keep and eye on them. Sole child can be problematic too as often a sibling will moderate the others behaviour.

  2. Andrew - I agree with you - with me it was a township, maybe no nanna and grandpa, but the town looked after its' own. Everyone took an interest in you. Even someone saying hello to you - you knew they were keeping an eye on you. Only a couple of phone calls and you could be located!
    The family units and communitied that we once all knew are disappearing and it concerns me greatly. I think age has a lot to do with it & it's no longer 'cool' to talk to 'old' people. Old people have knowledge ;)