Saturday, May 22, 2010

100 year old Photos #16 - Australia

More Australian Photos - seems that the James family is back on home ground.

I am extremely interested to learn what the pyramid construction is for, possibly mining, or perhaps a well. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate your thoughts.

The first photo I believe is of Ethel James, possibly married by this time, or perhaps Ethel's mother. I'm not sure.

The second photo could be a residential property or guesthouse accommodation, once again I'm not sure. Any assistance appreciated.

The other photos are Australian bushland, unlikely that they can be identified, but if you can shed any light on the locations, I would also appreciate that!



  1. These are awesome Heather :)

  2. I knew you would appreciate them - sill another 7-8 posts to go - I'll drip feed you ;)

    thanks for the comments!