Monday, May 3, 2010

Why hasn’t he lost his drivers license yet?

21yo male, has interlock fitted due to prior drink-driving offences. Caught speeding 100kph OVER the posted signed speed limit and yet drives away with vehicle and given 1 month to have the interlock device removed before the license is cancelled.

This is not the first time, this ‘kid’ has been caught hooning, it’s not the first time he will have lost his license. He’s 21yo. I thought ANYONE caught speeding in a dangerous manner, (45kph over the speed limit) instantly lost their vehicle for a prescribed amount of time.

Something seems wrong here.

Does this ‘child’ have to die before something is done. Noting that the area in which he was caught was within 500m of where 5 young adults died due to speeding.

Where I Live - Oakleigh/Monash
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If a mechanic, driving his clients car in a dangerous manner can get the car impounded for dangerous driving, then why is this car still on the street and why does the 21yo driver still have his license for 30 days?


  1. I too thought that if you were 45kph over the speed limit you automatically lost your car on the spot. They've shown it often enough on those TV police shows that are filmed here.

    It seems like a double standard for this young driver to be able to keep not only his car but his license. When will there be consistency with enforcing the laws where hoons are concerned?

  2. Blossy - this is not the first time I've written about this 'child' he comes from a 'good' family, and yet carries on like this. I realise that discipline comes from the home, but when you are pulled up by the police, you would expect them to do as the law requires.
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    It's sad :(