Thursday, May 13, 2010

100 year old Photos #14 - Sydney

I think these photos are taken in and around Sydney - The garden settings are possibly the Botanical Gardens and the waterfalls, somewhere in the Blue Mountains. I'm not sure. You can see in the 5th photo - the Sydney Harbour Bridge, still under construction. The photo is after the 1st October 1930 - as per this picture If you can shed any light on the other photos I would be very grateful! Thank-you


  1. The last one looks like it was taken from Sydney's Botanic Gardens.

  2. Hi Andrew, That's the general consensus - Just trying to locate an 'exact' match as possible to confirm that is the case. I thought I spotted the likeness, but I lost it :-/ and now have to try and relocate before posting.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. The last one could be Rushcutters Bay - see but I would suggest the pic was taken off Mrs Macquarie Chair road.


  4. Skillsy - sorry about the delay in responding - you cold be right - I did spend time looking - but have been unable to confirm. blew the HD this week! - so on the laptop - thanks for the input (once again!)