Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Favourite photos of the week

Taken by me for your enjoyment!
Koala, hanging on for dear life (well, not really) but it looks like it! Taken on Cape Otway. 22nd January 2012

Please, can I sleep? all thse eucalyptus leaves make me want to sleep! Taken Cape Otway, 22nd January 2012

Look ma, one hand.......... Koala, sleeping high above with one hand and a big bum, the only thing keeping him there! Taken 22nd January 2012

Pebbles on beach, I like this photo, seems calming. Taken 4th February 2012.

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Please note that no photo has been photoshopped on this blog, cropped yes, photoshopped NO!
Enjoy all of natures beauty!
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