Thursday, May 17, 2012


Truth is something that people are more and more often avoiding speaking about, addressing or even confronting.

Sure THE TRUTH hurts sometimes, but would you rather people didn't tell you the truth?

Would you rather people who knew something you don't, never utter a word for fear of hurting your feelings?

Would you rather be ripped off by a business partner, because someone on the outside could see what was happening, but was afraid of being attacked by you, because you always attack when confronted with the truth?

A friend is a person who is not afraid of telling you The Truth, because they know that you have enough guts to face the truth and not blame them for telling it as it is.

People think that sugar-coating everything is good for the people, good for the children, good for the world.

Sugar-coating, only brings corpulence, corruption, deceit and the eventual mistrust of everyone and everything.

A person who is capable of telling the truth is a friend indeed. Remember that, because tomorrow, looks and brains may not be everything to get you by.

A pinch of honesty is the best thing for everything and remember, not everyone in the competition of life can win a prize. Some people have to win the wooden spoon too. Hell I've won a couple in my lifetime.

"Get rid of your regrets. You are what you are from what you have experienced. And rightly understood and accepted. All experiences are good, and the bitter ones best of all"

From:- Nifty Nuts 1910.

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