Friday, May 4, 2012

Google is a dirty word

Once upon a time I had a Google Adwords account, well not that long ago, actually, the 16th March 2012. Google Adsense decided that I had violated their rules by ‘posing a risk of generating invalid activity.'

You want to know what I did?

I published a funny email titled “Where did Piss Poor come From?” The email isn’t the problem, it’s the traffic it generates that is! About 700 hits a month, from the Stumble on Network which is a sharing site, blogs and news etc, from what I can determine.

It’s not StumbleOn’s fault. The fault lies squarely with the Google Adsense.

See I’d had that account since 2009 and was about $2.00 away from actually collecting my revenue...... a WHOLE $50.00 WHOOP WHOOP.

To me, it wasn’t revenue, either earned or unearned, Google Adwords, seems to allow complete garbage on some sites, and then screws down on others. I have 3 blogs and 1 website, all were connected to the same account. Suddenly all sites were without ‘income’ (Remember I don’t call it revenue.)

I believe the trigger was the fact I was ABOUT to collect MY $50 of UNEARNT Income.

Yes, INCOME. A silent earner, that I never thought I would actually see, but was amazed to slowly watch the total climb higher and higher.

I always knew I would never see a cent of anything. I mean we are talking about Google here, the same Google that just opened up in direct competition to Dropbox. But Google in their wisdom have decided that ANY file loaded onto THEIR network, becomes THEIR file.

See Google thinks they own the world. But public opinion, public demand and the need for privacy, dictates the world, NOT Google

A product is only a product if you pay for it – if you don’t pay for it – YOU ARE the PRODUCT.

Remember that, and remember that ANY company offering something for nothing, only has their best interests at heart, not yours.

I did try to appeal the decision, but remember Google think they own the world, doubtful they even bothered reading the appeal, hell just like them, I too was ‘just going through the processes’

So be warned, You are the product, if you haven’t paid for anything!


  1. This is a very common story. Another violation of the TOS is invalid clicks. if you start to "google" problems with adsense you discover an avalanche of stories very very similar to yours. Veronica had the same thing happen in 1007 when she was about to claim her $100 in adsense revenue, Google pulled the old, Violation of TOS trick and failed to cough up the dosh.

  2. Yup - I think when it comes down to brass tacks - Google will pull the small accounts (after collecting the revenue) from the site. They pull the small sites due to infrignement of TOS, yet in reality they are just squeezing the small, to keep the big Kohunas happy and stuff the small person. It is the corporate world and I expected nothing less to tell you the truth. Nothing less AT ALL!

    Thanks for the comments - there is another mob, similiar - must get my butt into gear and recall their name etc and get it activiated, nothing worse can occur!

  3. I had my account suspended in 2007 due to a violation of googles terms of service by generating invalid hits. My account was terminated. After trying to appeal several times I saw that google do not play on a level playing field. I find it interesting that this almost matches my experience. my revenue was around $80 at the time.

  4. You did better than me Shannon - I got a cut and paste response and realised that no-one was listening - as I said I really didn't think money grew on trees, but hey worth a try for inserting a couple lines of codes onto my sites.

    I think Google have done this FAR more often, than is published - for all I know - publishing this here, may even constuite the breaking of a yet to be written Terms of Service Rule.

    But...... Public Opinion is a HUGE thing and they really should start doing the right thing, rather than the best money-making thing for THEM

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!