Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Photographer for a Day

**Disclaimer - I am NOT a professional photographer and neither do I profess to be one, or ever dream of being one. It was a favour to a friend at the last minute.

 It was Monday afternoon and I popped into J's factory for a coffee and yarn. (as you do when work is thin on the ground) The next thing you know, somehow, without actually saying anything. I've volunteered to photograph (wait for it........................... .........) A FUNERAL.............................

Of all things. A FUNERAL, not a kids party, not a wedding, A FUNERAL.... Apparently the 'regular' photographer is in hospital. I don't 'do' people. I prefer animals and things that can't talk back or give you the evil eye!

I don't profess to be a good photographer, I work on the theory of; get enough monkeys in a room, with enough typewriters and eventually something worthwhile will be produced.

It's a 9am start, fairly local, so not a problem, BUT........ the service won't be in English, and it's very rare for photographers to be a funerals! Derh.......... That's what I thought, but apparently the photos are to be sent overseas for family who couldn't attend.

I think I need God's help here/intervention. Now I'm starting to see failure written in proof all over EVERY photo!

 Take a deep breath, I get to the designated location at the correct time, take some 'landscape' shoots and then scout out the inside of the church for some areas, that might be suitable for me to camp for the entire ceremony. I am panicking right now!

Can't use the flash, or the tripod. thankfully I don't like the flash and have always taken photos without it. But without the tripod? In low light? It's going to get interesting. Almost too interesting. Can I run and hide under the nearest tree?

I get through the ceremony, taking the required photos, on viewing the photos the following day - I have somehow managed to capture those that are liked and not captured those that are disliked! (Pats self on back) I don't know Joe from Fred or Martha from Jane!

The photos are now safely with the family and come hell or high water, I will be running 200miles (on a broken leg) than have to do that again!

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