Friday, June 29, 2012

How Not to Answer a Religious Ed Quiz - if you are a Teen Boy.

1. Who was St Anthony and what was his relationship to monasticism?
WRONG:- St Anthony was the pope’s evil brother who tried to take control of the monastery
RIGHT:- Helped to spread the concept of monasticism, particularly in Western Europe through Latin translations.

2. In what ways did monasteries help people respond to gods call to know him better?
WRONG:- Monasteries helped people get closer to god by getting them high for them to believe they are able to talk to god.
RIGHT:- Monasteries helped people respond to gods call by giving them a place to pray and practise their religions.

3. Among other things what did monasteries develop into?
WRONG:- Monasteries mostly developed into churches buy some did end up turning into night brothels
RIGHT:- Monasteries developed into churches.

4. Describe the two different ways of being in a religious order?
a) Monastic order
WRONG:- When they weren’t allowed to have sexual intercourse in a relationship with another woman.
RIGHT:- Living by yourself and only coming together for holy gatherings.
b) Apostolic order
WRONG:- When they are allowed to have sexual intercourse with women but they have to apologise and pray afterwards.
RIGHT:- Apostolic order is when you live with others all the time.

5. What is a monk or a nun?
WRONG:- A monk is a man that is not allowed to have sexual intercourse with a woman until married.
RIGHT:- A Monk is a man who takes the Celibate vow and a Nun is a woman who takes the vow.

6. What was the ideal that underpinned monastic life?
WRONG:- Pray, east, sleep, pray, eat, sleep and then pray again.
RIGHT:- Monastic life was underpinned with the ideal of celibacy.

7. In what ways was monastic life of service to others?
WRONG:- Because they raised finds for the poor.
RIGHT:- It helped them because it gave them a life to live free and closer to god.

8. Which lines from st Matthews gospel motivated the monks and nuns to serve?
WRONG:- Everyone for themselves.
RIGHT:- The short answer is the book of Matthew proves Jesus legitimate authority by highlighting His wise teachings and righteous life.

9. Describe each of the three main types of prayer to be found in a monastery?
WRONG:- The bored prayer, The sleep prayer, The food prayer
RIGHT:- Prayer, meditation and contemplation.

10. What is the message that is being suggested in the illustration in the top left hand corner of page 80?
WRONG:- People
RIGHT:- To trust other people and live in equality.

11. Describe the variety of books that might be found in a monastery library?
WRONG:- Theology, Bibles
RIGHT:- Theology and bibles.

12. Describe the scriptorium and list its contents.
WRONG:- Is where they re-write all old books by hand, onto newer paper
RIGHT:- A room in monasteries devoted to the copying of books by monastic writers.

13. What motivated such care in the copying of the scriptures?
WRONG:- They treasured the teachings of knowledge to others.
RIGHT:- Them being able to say “a person can hold the Bible in his hand and say without fear that he holds the Word of God, handed down from generation to generation through the centuries.

14. What was the chapter house and what role did it play in the life of the monastery?
WRONG:- Where they all met up
RIGHT:- The chapter house was a room where monks met daily, to discuss business and to hear a chapter of the monastic rule

15. What was on the daily menu in a monastery?
RIGHT:- In a monastery the daily menu was vegan food.

16. What is the cloister?
RIGHT:- A cloister was a monastery devoted to religious seclusion.

17. Why could it be said that monasteries provided the first hospitals and schools?
RIGHT:- St. Benedict required in the monastery an infirmary for the ailing, and to organize particular care of them as a special Christian duty.

18. What was the herbarium?
RIGHT:- A collection of dried plants mounted, labelled, arranged for use in scientific study

19. Describe one of the functions that needed to be fulfilled in the monastery?
RIGHT:- To offer a home to the poor and unfortunate

20. Name two monastic orders that can be found in Australians and say where they are.
RIGHT:- Third Order of St. Dominic – Ballarat
Anglican Order of Preachers – Warnambool


I’m sorry for you finding offence in what I wrote and it will not happen again. I have realised what I had wrote was inappropriate and it will not happen again.


The child has been punished, that I can promise.

When I received the letter from school, I had to try very hard not to laugh!!!!!!!! I mean seriously? Didn't you dream of doing something like this when you were his age?

Anyway, I doubt VERY much that ANYTHING like this will occur again, because next time.... he has been warned - you will be removed from the school, not because the school asks, but because I say so. (He loves the school, just not R.E.)

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