Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life of a casual employee

For most of my 'career' I have been a casual employee. It's never really bothered me before, although you don't get sick leave, annual leave or long service leave.  The hourly rate does allow for sick leave and annual leave and with careful budgeting, you can make all that work for you.

My reason for being predominately casual, is that it allows for me to work around my family.

I don't let any of my employers down, ever, but often (in fact more often than not) they let me down, frequently at very short notice, frequently attempting to jib hours paid etc and many think they don't have to pay superannuation!!!!!!!! (Go figure)

I enjoy the variety of casual employment, I enjoy the  different tasks I get to do on a daily basis. Boredom is certainly not a problem!

Today for example (being Sunday) I was informed that my 'employment' at one place (for tomorrow)  was no longer required (well maybe in 1-2 weeks time, they'll have me back) but I can't wait for them. So I sent a text to my contacts. 6 hours later I have work for tomorrow and most likely ongoing!

So the life of a casual is not that uncertain, just requires a little lateral thinking!

So if you are looking for an employee in Melbourne's North, someone who is reliable and not concerned if the work is permanent or not, or ongoing or not, why not drop me a line via or use the contact details there!

You never know - I've been assisting some of my people in excess of 10 years in a temporary capacity!

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