Sunday, June 3, 2012

Laziness is not a disability

Once again in Melbourne it's wet, it's raining and the footpaths and white lines are slippery, especially for those using crutches, wheelchairs and sticks.

I nearly came unstuck thanks to the following people, who were parked, where I am LEGALLY allowed to park, but because they were ILLEGALLY parked I could not, consequently I nearly fell on the return to my car, some 50m FURTHER away.

This was at Northlands Shopping Centre, in Preston, Victoria, on the 3rd June 2012 at 9.15pm. So if you know any of the these morons, tell them their registrations have been photographed and noted for public viewing!


Watch for more photos of more morons as the days turn into weeks, which turn into years.

if you'd like to add disabled parking infringement photos, pleases feel free!


  1. All you do is winge. Sick of hearing how sick you are. Get some surgery and fix your problem. Then give back the disabled sticker.

  2. Hey TOSSER............. There IS NO surgery available for what has happened - but as you are one of the morons who obviously parks in disabled spots - I hope, one day to catch you and photograph you - or better still - issued with a fine from local council (which you won't pay) and then you won't be able to renew your car registration - that my friend is J.U.S.T.I.C.E.

    Enjoy your selfish moronic life!

    BTW - not having the guts to reveal your real name - seems to indicate to me - you might actually have been caught in one of these photos!

    I hope so!


  3. I think the law needs to catch up with the fact that people can now easily take photos of traffic and parking offender's cars, and have a mechanism to penalise them. The next best thing is to shame them, which you have done and seemingly gotten a reaction.

    1. Andrew, so agreed. I was talking to someone the other day and having photos of the permit holder on the permit MIGHT stop many of the above type selfish people. But some may see that as an infringement of privacy. It's a catch 22. Some thing else to consider is something like chip technology - you wave to gain access, but the locations of the parking V the cost, would likely make it a expensive exercise and would be shunned by many shopping centres and councils.

      As for getting the reaction -my guess is, Anon. has either been photographed in one of my posts and doesn't like being outed. OR is feeling rather guilty about parking in designated disabled parking spots, but thinks it's still okay to do so!

      I agree with photographing and reporting - but the burden of proof would lie with photo taker to PROVE that the car was parked in such and such a spot at such and such a time and would clearly have to show 1) the signage, 2) the lack of parking permit 3) Proven time and date stamping that couldn't be modified/photoshopped.

      For example. I still manage to work and take whatever work I can get. Which would mean that if I had to appear in court to support my claim, I would be burdened with the cost of appearing AND the cost of a days lost work. So I'm essentially penalised twice for trying to stop MORONS from parking where they are not permitted.

      Catch 22