Tuesday, June 8, 2010

100 year old Photos #21 - Grampians, Australia

These photos are of The Grampians, approx c1910. The photo below is in The Grampians and the rock formation is called 'The Nerve Test" You can see why!

This photo is taken from the Pinnacle in The Grampians

You wouldn't be allowed to do this now, there would be an obvious reason for not being permitted!

The photo below is of the area called "The Pinnacle" in the Grampians, Victoria c1910 - the era of clothing indicates very close to or during World War 1.


  1. When I was about 13, I did walk 'The Nerve Test' at the Grampians. It would have been the late 80s or very early 90s. I don't think you are allowed out on it now. Glad I took the chance when I did!

    1. Yes Deb, a lot of things have changed!

      These photos are now in the hands of the State Library of Victoria for safe keeping.

      It was mid 1980's that I rescued these photos from a dumpster from a deceased estate. I'm glad I did. They are a piece of Victorian/Australian History

      Thank-you for your comment

  2. Wow great Save Heather... How many great Pics have we lost from Deceased Estates.

    1. Too many unfortunately and it will only get worse. With iPhone photograph and the ease of downloading digital photos and never printing. The computer dies, the owner dies and photos die with them. They don't even make it only photo paper for anyone else to see :(