Monday, June 7, 2010

Food Court Etiquette

8 out of 10 people*, don’t place their rubbish in the bin when visiting food halls in shopping centres. I am appalled that people are so lazy and dirty.

They leave the food, the scraps everything for the cleaners to pick up. I am disgusted that people think so little of others that are there to sweep the floors for the inadvertent spills, have now been turned into slaves to those too lazy to clean up their own mess.

I can’t imagine what the inside of their houses must look like. I can’t imagine what their children must think of this. They probably think it is completely normal to leave your waste for others to clean up.

I must admit I was stunned by the figures. People didn’t even think about placing the discarded packaging, food stuffs on the tray, they just left everything scattered about on the table. They were even too lazy to do that.

Is society so disrespectful and selfish of their surroundings and other people that they think they can do this?

Who will be waiting on the tables in 20 years time? It won’t be those children that walked away today. That would be too low for them. They would rather be on the dole than cleaning up other peoples’ messes. YET………… If they tidied up after themselves, there would be no need for people to clear the tables.

Are you are you a table pig or a bin user?

Would love your thoughts please!

*Witnessed by self over a period of 3 visits to 2 seperate food courts


  1. I'm definitely with you on this one. I don't see why people are so lazy when it comes to food courts or even fast-food restaurants. Surely they walk past a rubbish bin when they leave such places?
    I am so thankful that my boys always place their rubbish in the bin when they dine out. Its something that I always encouraged them to do & now its second nature to them.
    Its a shame that not everyone has that same value.

  2. Totally agree with you, I was taught from a very young age to clean up after myself, and equally expect that from my children. It is totally disrespectful to leave your waste laying around for others to clean up. A shame that such pathetic manners seems to have caught hold firmly, I hate food courts specifically for this reason!

  3. and blogspot are gobbling up comments again!
    Bloss, some people just don;t care - what they don;t realise is they are paying when centre management has to pay someone to clean up which is reflected in the rents, thus the product price of items sold has to go up!
    Andrea - I don't like food courts either - but they are preferrable in quality and nutrition than other places like maccas or KFC. which is the only other options when you don;t have time to get home and back again for an evening meal, which happens to us twice a week :(

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Three minds about this one. If I buy food out, I have to clear my own table after I have eaten? The environment where I buy my food seems to be the key here.

    Left food wrappers etc have to be cleaned up by staff, and so we are creating jobs.

    What I actually do is clean up, as while I like the idea of creating jobs, I don't want the next person to have to sit looking at my rubbish.

  5. Andrew - if the food is bought to your table as part of a waiter service, then you won;t clear your own table - the cost is incorporated into the bill.
    If you take the food from the supplier and eat it at the tables - you should clear up - it's akin to going to the park, buying food at the kiosk and expecting others to clean up after you.
    I dislike seeing half-mauled/spilled food and I dislike tables being sticky etc.
    Clean up your food wrappers/food waste and the cleaners can then spend more time wiping the tables and making the place a little cleaner.
    The cost of the staff is added to the rent and thus added to every product purchased within that centre. So it's not really creating jobs, only increased product prices ;)