Monday, December 21, 2009

The 18th Birthday Bash

Darling Miss 17 is now Darling Miss (obnoxious) 18. Well only obnoxious when well-soaked in vodka had her dreaded themed 18th black and silver party at home.

We had what I consider to be a large gathering of teenagers and adults at our place on the weekend. Maybe 50 in total, maybe more – didn’t do a head count.

10kg of chicken wings, 10kg of steak, 10kg of Sausages, 2kg of homemade potato salad, 2kg of Pasta Salad, 5 lettuces, 2kg of tomatoes, 4 boxes of party pies and sausage rolls, 5 loaves of bread, 5kg of bacon, 5 large packets of chips, 18 slabs of mixed soft drinks.

Add to that 1 portaloo and DJ and I think you get the idea. All to be held in the shed.

The kids started arriving at 3pm – some came early because that was when they could get dropped off – we have the advantage of being 7km from the nearest point of public transport.

And yes – I call that an advantage as I think it deterred trouble makers.

The night progressed well – we did not supply alcohol as I didn’t want to have any problems with under-age drinkers.

The DJ played, the kids danced, at one stage there was a soccer game under lights occurring. I do believe the girls were wearing high-heels!

All in all – there were few problems – some of the kids (about 12) slept over due to drinking and ‘P’ plates, 3 girls ended up sleeping in the house for various reasons (Mums – I think you know what I am talking about), only 1 set of car keys confiscated. So all in all – not too bad.

The night itself didn’t end until about 5am – I rode the night out and managed to get them all settled – maybe not asleep but at least not running around feral.

Breakfast was a bacon and eggs affair – cooked by the 12yo after the 19yo couldn’t manage it (I was still tucked up in bed) By the time I saw the light of day – breakfast had been consumed, decorations were already being taken down and still kids were here helping. I certainly can’t complain.

The last of the party-goers left at about 3pm – all in all a good night had by all!

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