Monday, December 28, 2009

Steamed Hot Dog

Today I bought on of these, a Tefal Pro Express Turbo Anticalc GV8360

Pretty innocent one would say - until I started using it - My god - it could be a weapon - turn it up full-bore and a jet of steam can be released which is nearly 3 metres in length and steaming hot AND noisy.

Well the noise was too much for this little guy He hid and I'm not just talking hid a little bit - I am talking hid under my other half's legs, shaking. When I released another jet of steam - he started to crawl into a cabinet behind my husband and every time I released a jet of steam - he crawled further and further into this little hole - to get away from the noise.

The dog is not allowed in our bedroom - hubby doesn't like that and the dog knows it - well - no sooner had hubby departed for sleep than the dog was pawing at the closed door, knowing full-well hubby is there and he is desperate to get in there and ON the bed - much to the dismay of my hubby.

I take the dog out and no sooner had I closed the door than he is clawing at the door again - demanding to be let in - this time he heads for underneath the bed. Hubby put up with that - but only just - complaining the entire time - that the dog has more privileges than the husband.

Finally I have had to stop ironing (not something that I mind) with the complaints of the husband about the dog and the dog complaining about me using it.

I was thinking that perhaps the dog under the bed would be a good idea - but perhaps the dog ON the bed and hubby UNDER the bed - might just be a better option!

What would you do?


  1. That's funny! My dogs are like this too. But since they run the house, they get to go wherever they like to hide!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Record the noise and start playing it softly and gradually increase the volume until the dog is used to it, the same way as is done with thunder.

  3. knitwit - if I had it my way - he'd go everywhere in the house too, but OH (being european descent) can;t get used to the idea - it took a long battle (and 20 years) to get this far.

    Andrew - I hear where you are coming from - normally the dog w/be outside, but it was late, I was lazy and didn;t want to wait up for him if he disappeared down into his 'office' for rabbit hunting.

    So I'm sure he'll manage - but yes - I agree - the noise replayed does help alleviate the stress associated with certain noises!