Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twitter - The Funny ReTweet- Here is the Solution

You notice in your timeline some funny RT's - from people that you don't know, from people and perhaps topics, things that don't interest you.

Solution at hand - Twitter has implemented a new tool (called ReTweet) - that automatically allows this to happen when you have followed someone, perhaps to introduce more names and topics into your timeline thus increase the number of people you follow. I have no idea behind the thought processes!

Anyway............................ Solution

Straight from Twitters help Page..............

What is retweet? (RT)

Like a tweet? Retweet!

Sometimes you come across a tweet that you just have to share- tweets can be a big deal when they're newsworthy, informative, or even just really funny. Twitter's new retweet (RT) feature helps people quickly share information, which is pretty much what Twitter is all about.

Just hover over a tweet, click the retweet link, and you’re done! A click of a button shares an interesting tweet with all of your followers. Regretting your retweet? Hover over the retweet and click undo. Retweet has been rolled out to all users!

Recognizing retweets in timelines and profiles

Retweeting isn't just a great way to spread information through the twitter network; it's also a great way for you to discover new and interesting content. Twitter now shows retweet information for all public tweets.

Retweets in timelines are distinguished by the retweet icon next to the author's picture.

When someone you follow retweets, you’ll see the original tweet and a picture of the tweet’s original author, with the retweeter’s name below.

Retweets in profiles are indicated by the retweet icon as well.

To credit a tweet's author, retweets show the profile picture, user name, and tweet of the original author, with "retweeted by" information appended at bottom.

Disabling retweets
If you don't want to see retweets from a particular account, just visit the profile and click the retweet icon to disable, but keep in mind, if you see a new face in your timeline, it's because someone you follow retweeted something they thought you should see.

Look for the retweet icon next to the user name when you don't recognize a face, and then look for the retweeter's name below- it should be someone you follow. If the icon is green, you see retweets from that person in your home timeline. (If you want to double check, hover over the icon.) Manage whose retweets you see from your following page in the same way- click the green retweet icon to disable retweets from that person. If the icon is gray, click it (it'll turn green) to turn on retweets.

New retweet tab in sidebar

Click “retweets” in your sidebar to get retweet feedback-- see what you’ve retweeted, what’s been retweeted by people you follow, and who retweeted your tweets!

Retweets by others: read the retweets posted by people you follow under the first tab, 'Retweets by others.'

Retweets by you: read your own retweets- it's like the sent items in your email account. If others have also retweeted, you'll see their profile icons listed.
Your tweets, retweeted: find out who retweets your tweets!

Please note that retweets, like regular tweets, from people you've blocked will not show up.

Frequently Asked Questions
People often wonder:
Can I set retweet preferences for people I follow from my home page? No, you have to turn retweets off/on from profile pages, or your following page.

Can I turn off ALL retweets? Nope! You can turn them off on a person by person basis, but you can't turn off retweets completely. To disable all retweets, visit your following page, and click the green icon for each person. (Nope, there is no 'select all' option, unfortunately.)

When people visit my profile, can they view my retweets in a tab, like favorites? Nope. People can view the retweets posted in your profile by scrolling through the your tweets and looking for the ones with retweet icons. Only you can see your retweet archives.

What if I retweet from apps like Tweetie, twhirl, etc? Retweets, like regular tweets, will appear differently in different applications. All retweets from third party apps (like Tweetie and twhirl) will show up in your retweet tab IF they're using Twitter's retweet API. (Not sure? Try retweeting from your favorite app, and then check the "retweets by you" tab on the web.) Many apps have built in their own version of retweeting; retweets sent from apps that don't use the official feature will not appear in your retweet tab.

Are there limits on retweets? There's no limit to the number of times a tweet can be retweeted, but Twitter will only show the most recent 100 retweeters for any public tweet.


  1. Sounds like it will be quite useful for disseminating information in times of disaster.

  2. Hi Andrew - thanks for the comment!

    I suppose it would be useful in an emergency - but there are also some 'interesting' tweets that appear to say the least and I think that is why people are trying to figure out how to stop it.

    For me, I'm not really fussed, Although I have unfollowed a few people because of the nature of the retweet - just disturbing.

    Now I know I can turn them off - it might induce me to re-follow them!