Friday, December 4, 2009

Don’t Judge that Book by its Cover

A couple of 20yo’s walk into a well-established well-known restaurant, they have been there before, they have been there many times before.

They are treated like royalty. The always order the most expensive dishes, they always order cocktails. They are nicely dressed in tailored clothing.

They always pay the bill

That restaurant earnt the fees they charged for the meals and the services provided.

The same 20yo couple walk into a fine-dining establishment in a tourist area. They wish to see the menu before they take a seat. A verbal enquiry was made about the availability of one item on the menu.

The maître de enquired as to how the couple would be paying and then stated that no meals would be ordered unless a down payment was made.

This was down-right insulting and said couple walked out of the place.

Now these two incidents, occurred to the same couple, within weeks of each other. One establishment has ensured that the couple return. The other establishment has ensured that not only will the couple NOT return to that restaurant, but also ensured that the couple will not return to the area and will not recommend either the area or the restaurant.

To business owners out there, and I mean ALL business owners out there, never ever judge a book by its cover. It could cost you and business’s in your area cold hard cash.

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