Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Customer service to the extreme

A bad day – turned out very well, thanks to a staff member at Wendy’s Ice-cream store at Epping Plaza, Victoria

It was one of ‘those’ days – I’m sure you know the type – no matter what you do EVERYTHING goes wrong.

With my gummy leg I was pushing a hated trolley back to the car, not something I would normally do, but sometimes people can’t meet you for whatever the reason.

The only ramped path to my car was blocked by the trolley collectors. Not impressed. The pain was building, the trolley collectors saw me, wouldn’t move. I sat down on one of the outside chairs, trying to curb the frustration that was building. Beside me was sitting Kim, who worked for Wendy’s.

She saw the predicament, and offered to help me with the trolley.

She helped and I was extremely grateful.

So ............ Kim of Wendy's Supa Sundaes Pty Ltd, an employee you may be, but you did a fantastic job of out of store service and in the process earned another customer.

Congratulations and thank-you

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