Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blogger Bulltish

Many people blog, they blog from the inane, to politics to what the outcome of the next sporting event will be. Different horses for different courses. Everybody seeks out that which will interest them.

Often comment is invited, often comments are left.

I’ve been blogging for a tiny weeny little while now and of course I seek out those with similar interests or topics that may interest me, be it local things like foxes on the London Tube to emergency services or even home cooking. Yeah my tastes can be a little extreme!

I’ve noticed more and more, with the blogs that I follow and take an interest in, that many comments made by the viewing public are not published. A select few from friends seem to get up and published – but complete ‘strangers’ uh uh, no siree bob – your comments ain’t wanted here.

Twice in the last week – this has occurred to me.

The comments weren’t offensive, they were on topic, yes I can wander a bit, but mostly not.

Have you experienced this?

Please don’t name the blogs concerned, this isn’t a show and tell – just a general discussion on what you may have experienced when posting comments on blogs.



  1. Tick. I have noticed this, although not much recently. I remember the comment I have made and that it was appropriate and remember that it went ahead as it was supposed to, but it has not appeared. Sometimes I think technology is to blame. One blog owner answered my comment that never appeared on the website for me to see. Ah well, move on to another blog where your gems are appreciated.

  2. YES! I was just pondering this last night as I'd commented on a blog and my comment never made it to the comment page via moderation. It was a general comment, no disagreement or strong opinion, yet it has never appeared. Ah well. Maybe people like to censor their lives. I think that's boring, but that's just me!

  3. Andrew and Fen - I re-read this post before it went up this morning - wondering if I was being too self-centred and though stuff it - I know it's ture - let's see if it is only me (discrimiation guilt) or if the same thing happens to others
    Thank-you for showing me I'm not the only one - sometimes I think I get the wrong end of the stick!
    and YES - I move onto other blogs were the people are friendly and talk - a little like the old-style local pub I think ;)