Friday, January 22, 2010

Goanna on the road

Sounds like science fiction. Well it wasn’t! – Driving on a dirt track – coming around a corner, there sits a 1.5m goanna, happily sunbaking himself on the shoulder of the road. From the drivers point of view – he looks like a crow that has met an untimely end. That was until he scrabbles for the embankment and the driver emits a squeal!

Said Goanna heads for a nearby tree, camera phones at the ready.

Photos acquired, he is left in peace, was excellent to actually see a goanna in an area that is not that remote. It’s good to be able to see wildlife, still surviving amongst the human population.

I know they are good swimmers and they are partial to hen eggs. So keep the hens locked up and good luck. I wouldn’t like to meet him travelling at 100kph, he was lucky, the road only allowed for about 40kpm.
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Enjoy all of natures beauty!

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  1. We used to see goannas in the wild often. In NT we saw a monitor on a causeway standing vertically. Terrific.

  2. Hi Andrew

    Those monitor lizards are HUGE -
    I don't think are aware of the size of goannas. To give some idea of the size of this goanna, his torso would be the size of your average thigh thickness.
    Monitor Lizards are even bigger.
    I think my surprise what the fact of where he was - it was a treed terrain, near the beach, quite a few houses visible, but I just didn't expect him to be there, and since the photos were taken - I thought I would share the one that came out the best.