Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to stop drink drivers

Courtesy of Ms18 who has acquired P plates and can’t understand why people are so stupid and insist on consuming alcohol and then drink driving, without a thought for other road users.

Her idea is civilian manned booze buses with 1 or 2 sworn in officers – running 24/7, in shifts of 6 hours. Switching locations every 6 hours (at change of shift) Perhaps 10 vehicles – working 7 days a week and being on the roads constantly.

This would create more employment for civilians AND reduce the manpower required by the police force to maintain the drink/driving campaign presence on the roads.

This could be backed up with uniformed officers, running drug and road worthy checks, along with the camera operated licence plate checks, which new technology allows for.

This would:-
1. Reduce the number of drink drivers
2. Reduce the number of police required to man such operations
3. Increase civilian employment
4. Reduce the number of drug affected drivers
5. Reduce the number of unlicenced drivers on the roads
6. Reduce the number of unregistered vehicles on the road
7. Reduce the number of unroadworthy vehicles on the roads

I can’t see anything against it – The only thing missing is someone taking the bull by the horns and actually implementing it.

Your thoughts and ideas?

I think it is a BRILLIANT idea and coming from an 18yo, makes it even shinier, brighter and smarter than any idea your average politician could think up.


  1. Nice thinking but I am not so keen on civilians taking on roles that should be done by police. So, it follows that we need more of them.

  2. Thanks for the input Andrew - once again appreciated.
    The police are short-staffed - the government refuses to employ more - or they screw with the figures enough to make it look as though they have employed more.
    So IF the police don't have the numbers AND the government won't produce the staff - This MAYBE an option - I did say with the BACK-UP of enlisted officers - not like the speed cameras where they are manned by civilians

    It's only an idea - that I 'think' might be viable. The problem is the lack of respect people have for authority (but that is another topic altogether!)

  3. it would also be an eye opener for people as to the stupidity of the general public.

  4. Oh Fen - you are so right - I think what astounded me about all of this is the fact I didn't think of this - but my newly licenced 18yo did.
    At 18yo - she can see the stupidity and yet grown adults can't see the stupidity in their actions.
    Unfortunately I beleive the Darwin Theory holds true in many of these cases, unfortunately in saying that - it also affects those with brains, when they are driven into or similiar.
    I think the idea could very well work IF people realised it was for their own good and not just a money raising idea (which many are)
    But we are not in government - we can only chew the fat so to speak.