Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The National Nanny State

Every day I read that someone wants something actioned because it’s dangerous. Someone wants something stopped because it causes noise. Someone wants something stopped because it sends the wrong message. It’s getting ridiculous. It's not always dangerous or noisy or even sending the wrong message - it's perceived to be doing so, which is completely different to actually doing that.

Case 1:-
A QLD school gave stubby holders to graduating students, I believe emblazoned with the school logo, a parent steps up to the mark and says that it’s wrong. We are trying to stop binge drinking, we are trying to stop copious amounts of alcohol being drunk. Hello, a stubby holder with the school’s logo can also hold, soft drink bottles, cans of soft drink. Some people even cut them down and use as padding on various implements. Argument lost, the school did nothing wrong, I repeat they did NOTHING WRONG.

Case 2:-
NSW Government has enacted a law that makes it legal for council officers to enter your property to determine if your pool fencing is adequate and up to ‘council standards’ Now this isn’t a real problem, we all agree that pool fencing saves lives, but kids will kids and parents have to watch their children as though they have eyes in the back of their heads. Nothing replaces watchfulness with fencing. Argument lost. Pool owners have done nothing wrong (as long as they have a pool fence) The pool owner did nothing wrong, I repeat they’ve done NOTHING WRONG.

Case 3:-
A Tasmanian publican was given the keys to a motorbike of a drinking customer, as the customer had heard that a booze bus was in the area. The customer then requested his keys back in what I believe to a forceful manner. The keys were returned, the rider departed and subsequently lost his life, due to drink driving. The family of the rider, then pursued the case through the courts, claiming that the publican had a responsibility in regards to the death. The first court case determined this was the case. The second court Case in the High Court, determined it was NOT the case. Argument lost, the publican did NOTHING WRONG. I repeat he did NOTHING WRONG.

Case 4:-
Victorian parents are calling for cap on fast-food outlets numbers. According to the Herald Sun of the 26th October 2009, there is 1 outlet per 505 people. The national average is 1 per 575 people. Now see we pay for fast-food, we have to go to the store to buy that fast food, the money has to be earnt by someone (read between the lines) an adult. Therefore why must the government control the number of fast-food outlets? It’s up to the parent NOT to buy the fast-food. If less people bought less, then there would be less fast-food outlets, it’s called supply and demand. Argument lost, the fast-food outlets have done NOTHING WRONG. I repeat the fast-food outlets have NOTHING WRONG.

As I’ve previously posted an Ode to Common Sense, available here! The Passing of Common Sense.
It would appear that common sense is no longer common and that HG Wells', “War of the Worlds” and the concept that life has to continually evolve and 'earn' its right to exist. Through renewal of generations, hardship, learning, life earns its right to exist.

Read that as you may!

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