Tuesday, December 14, 2010

100 Year Old Photos - Australia, The Grampians

These photos as part of this collection, they have been block mounted on card, they are speckled with age - but for 100year old photos - I suppose that is to be expected.

The above photo is of "The Wonderland Peak" 2250ft above sea level, within the National Park.

This photo is of "The Pinnacle" which is 2250ft above sea level. I believe both photos to have been taken by someone by the name of Roger, connected somehow to the James Family. Who's photo albums these belong to. If you would like to see the other photos in the collection, please follow this link. Photos from all over the world, the sub-continent, Europe between the wars. Some photos unidentified. So any help appreciated and you would be attributed with having identified the relevant photos. Australia Europe Hong Kong Unidentified Aboard the SS Otranto Enjoy

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