Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Telstra HTC Mozart Review 20101201 (6th Day)

My personal overview as at the 6th day

Apps - Saturday night I downloaded “Go Fishing” at my sons request, appears to download, got the 100% reading, but when you accessed via the icon, nothing happened. I uninstalled it, why have something not working. Son wanted to try again, so this morning attempted to download again, the download bar kept fluctuating between 22%-75%-23%, finally it did download. Son started to play it, but had trouble accessing. He figured out you had to twist yourself in knots to re-access. Here’s how he did it. Go to games icon, load Go fishing, boots back to main menu, press left arrow key on the front of the phone, then you can access the game. Weird!

SMS /TXT - I do like the text messaging and the way the words come up as an ‘offering’ to what you may want to use. I like the fact it doesn’t force you to spell correctly and force you into spellcheck every time it doesn’t like the spelling of a word. The buttons are still too small even for my rather skinny female fingers!

Emails - I like the way the emails (when I receive them) are deleted, they kind of throw up in the air and then jump down to be deleted. Graphics/pretty I know – but looks good

Twitter – I tried an extended period of tweeting tonight and I found poking at the ‘keyboard’ tiring and fiddly. I am using the ‘official’ Twitter program and I also found that awkward and didn’t display things the way I like. Doesn’t let you know when new mentions come in etc.

General layout – I still struggle with the ‘sleep’ button on the top right hand side. I’m left-handed – so if I have a pen in my left and reach for the phone with my right – I touch the off button and more than once have turned it off!

Games – I love the colour and graphics of some of the games that have been downloaded!

Screen – I sent a TXT from my Nokia today and found the screen to be sluggish and not very sensitive, by comparison, the HTC screen is light and fluffy, if that makes any sense. Another thing I’ve discovered, the HTC screen has a black border and the buttons are set in from there, whereas the Nokia the buttons go right up to the black border and makes it harder to operate sometimes

If you are on Twitter, follow the banter at #TelstraWP7

Telstra Exchange

7th Day Review

“I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.”

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