Friday, October 30, 2009

I’m late – so are 1,000,000 people – hold that bus

Every family has this problem, doesn’t matter if it is Monday morning for school and work, or Sunday morning for sport. The kids can not get organised.

Every weekday I have the same argument, This argument is no longer.

I fixed it, plain and simple. I started for a week telling them that the bus into town doesn’t wait for them, so why should I?

Then that progressed to me starting the car and waiting 2 minutes. The next stage is waiting 1 minute and driving 100 metres.

I think you get the message – the longer they take – the further away you are from the front door. I suppose I have the advantage in that I live on a farm and the nearest public bus is 7km away, the school bus only 800m (which I normally make the kids walk) and my sons school is something like 20km away.

But they are getting the message – 1 bus will not wait for 1 person, because that bus has a schedule to keep and so do I – so now my bus leaves on time, more often than not with all passengers on board and I no longer have a yelling match trying to hurry them along.

Once again – have fun – children and schedules and all that fun – are just part of growing up – the less you pander – the easier your life will be ;)

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