Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Peanuts and the Elephants

I like analogies; they tell a lot about the situation, they tell a lot about the person.

They can convey a message without it seeming harsh, they can convey a very important message without losing the meaning.

I work in the financial field and often have to remind business owners that the elephants are not the bread and butter of business, they are the cream.

The peanuts are the small business owners – who more often than not pay their bills on time – who rarely screw you for price. Who are friendly and certainly less demanding than the big multi-national or even the national company.

How many times have you read in the news that company A has failed and with it company B and C are dragged down?

This is due to the fact that Company B and C failed to look after the peanuts, the smaller companies, the companies that pay their bills on time and are less demanding.

If company B & C had looked after the peanuts, the small fry, the small business, they would have these companies to fall back on – but often companies B & C are enticed by the lure of money, of the next big job, of the next big payment waiting to come in next week and they overlook the bread and butter.

Peanuts might be smaller, but they are far more numerous and certainly taste better than an elephant.

I would rather have 10 small companies owing me $10,000 in total, than one big company owing me $10,000. I know for a fact that 9 of those small companies can’t fail, whereas that one big one might just do that that.

If you are in business, regardless of the size, make sure you look after the peanuts, you can eat them, but elephants, they require much care and hard work before they are edible.

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