Monday, October 19, 2009

Old friends in a new world

Was talking to someone the other night. Someone who I never met before. We had ‘talked’ online but nothing more. This meeting came about because we both had cancelled commitments and figured waste not want not! We organized a meeting place and enjoyed several coffees. We discussed many things from book likes and dislikes to attitudes of society to employment records and likes and dislikes relating to our areas of employment.

We covered almost everything in a very short amount of time.

We had both worked contract work. We both enjoyed learning, we both disliked forced leave, we both enjoy learning new things and doing new things, or projects. We both enjoy computers, the hardware and the software and enjoy learning as technology advances.

One thing we both found hard to believe is that there are people out there who dislike change, who refuse to use upgraded programs and hardware, simply because they don’t want/can’t be bothered learning.

We realized that we were both ‘outsiders’ in a mundane world. We both enjoyed learning, we both enjoying challenges, we are unable to sit at home and veg in front of the TV.

Some people who are not computer literate, can’t understand why people, strangers want to meet and talk. It is not only networking for business purposes, but meeting like this enables people of like mindedness to discuss openly without judgement, topics that can be considered taboo within ‘normal’ friendships.

This is not the first time I have gone out on a limb and decided what have I got to lose. I have met people in outback NSW, cafes in shopping centres, bistros of hotels (where EVERYONE except me turned up late!). Some interesting people, some interesting times and you know what? I enjoyed every single meeting and maintain contact with everyone.

We all lead busy lives, perhaps it’s time to get out from behind the computer screen and meet real people in the real world and discuss real topics and find people of similar ideas and ideals and smell the roses a little more.

There are often groups that meet up, once a month or similar – but the very busy people will often find these times don’t suit family or work commitments.

Often a one on one meeting in a public place is more comfortable AND more enjoyable, simply because you are not vying for attention with others.

Try it – It can’t hurt, a public place, a place comfortable and local to both parties.

I enjoyed my second ‘offline’ meeting of an ‘online’ friend – Try it – you might actually like it!

Good luck.

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