Saturday, April 10, 2010

100 year old Photos #1 - Paris, Eiffel Tower

No Identification required here - I think we can all recognise this landmark! The Eiffel Tower of Paris, completed in 1889. The Eiffel Tower, today stands 320.75m tall.

Enjoy - as previously determined - these photos taken between c1910-c1920 - if you are able to shed any more light on the timing - that would be appreciated.


**View southeast from the tower, down the Champ de Mars,


  1. Oh me Oh my- you have just sent me into a breathless dizzy spell!! I love love and totally LOVE these!Sigh....

  2. Glad you enjoy them - there are more to come. These are the only ones of Paris I believe, but there are many other places, particularly some stunning shoots of the Blue Mountain Ranges and some people doing some VERY amazing Rock Climbing, way back in the early 1900's!

    Enjoy - and thanks for the comments