Monday, April 12, 2010

100 Year Old Photos #4 - Pompeii

Photos taken by Ethel James in Pompeii. These photos were taken approx c1910-c1920.

I orginally posted this with location unknown, thanks to @PaulHassing of The Feisty Empire and @downesy of QBrand Consulting who were able to indentify the locations with little effort. Thank-you!

The below photo shows the ampitheatre, before the excavations had been completed. You will notice that the ladscape is devoid of trees. If you look at recent photos, there is a considerable amount of foliage on the rim of ampitheatre and also grass covering most of the seating.

The following two photos show the street paving of Pompeii - Notice the high footpaths on each side, these were built because the streets had little drainage. The stones in the middle of the street are crossing points so that people were able to cross without getting their feet dirty in the human filth that flowed down the street.


  1. Nice one, Heather. I'm so pleased we were able to nut that out.

    Thank you for your kind mention in dispatches.

    And thank God I didn't do six long years of Latin for NOTHING!

    Please keep up the fascinating work.

    Best regards, P. :)

  2. Thank-you for your help Paul. It's excellent that two people unknown to me were able to assist in determining the location. Shows the power of twitter.

    There are plenty more photos to identify, hopefully others will jump on board.

    Only too happy to give credit where credit is due