Monday, April 19, 2010

100 year old Photos #9 - Switzerland

Again c1910 perhaps c1920 - not sure - I 'think' these photos may be on the Swiss border. My only reasoning is that the 3rd photo when enlarged appears to show what is a red cross on a white flag at what appears to be a border crossing. If you can shed any light - again I would be grateful. Thank-you and enjoy.
The photo below - is a border crossing. In the background I believe is the Matterhorn, which is on Swiss soil.


  1. You can't see the Matterhorn from any border crossings, and that's not quite the right shape. Definitely a Swiss flag. Are you able to read the sign on the building?

  2. Thanks for the inout Ellen, unfortunately I am unable to read any of the signs, even when I blow the originals up.
    The photos on the page prior 100 year old Photos #10 - Lake Geneva, Switzerland (Suisse)
    as of Lake Geneva - so I can only assume that this photo was taken as the James family were exiting Switerland.
    I believe also that I have in these photos a picture of the Cloth Hall of Ypres 100 year old Photos #2 - It's the 3rd photo down - have yet been unable to 100% identify, the building in the front corner is one I have unable to indentify as yet. Any help would be appreciated!

  3. The first up picture is from the city hall building of Villeneuve, canton of Vaud, Switzerland. The road in front still existing today..
    Villeneuve, village at the east end of Geneva Lake, is located not far from previous pics of Castle of Chillon, about 2 kilometers. (far also from Montreux)
    On the extreme right side, we can just see the Villeneuve Railway station..

  4. About the picture on the swiss border, I assume that's the Swiss-Italian Border located on "Grand St-Bernard Pass" 1900 M/see level. Or maybe just an area service station..Matterhorn is not, for sure, the case!