Sunday, April 11, 2010

100 Year Old Photos #3 - River Orne, Normandy

These photos were taken by Ethel James during a world tour - you can follow the photo trail week by week, as I post them up for your enjoyment!

This photo is the Ypres Tower, possibly built in the 14th Century.Here is a description of the uses and an exact photo of what we are looking at here - I have assume, using these photos as a guide determine that these photos were taken c1920. Ypres Tower This is all thanks to @SkillsyOz from Twitter.

The following photo is of the River Orne, in Normandy. In the centre of the frame you can see what appears to a wheelbarrow outside a large 3 storey building. This is "Battery House'. Both these buildings suffered heavy damage in WWII, to be precise the 22nd September 1942. This information came courtesy of the assistance of @SkillsyOz from Twitter.


  1. Someone should easily know where the cable car photo is taken. I hope so. It looks fascinating.

  2. trying - I can only think Eurpe somewhere - thi first photos being paris and the 2nd appearing to be Belgium - It would make sense that these also belong in Europe

    Thanks for the comment

  3. Interesting collection of pics and I think all from different locations.

    The first one could be from the "Suisse Normande", a not too subtle dig that the mountains are pretty tame. It could be the river Orne.

    On the other hand the truck is on the wrong side of the road for most of Europe so perhaps somewhere around Weston-super-Mare / Minehead

    The key to this pic are the windows. Building tax was based on windows, size or qty so you will see significant differences depending on the way the tax was collected.

    Four and possible five appear to be UK, Cotswolds, Chilterns even perhaps Market Harboro. I'm basing four on the type of roadside hedge and tudor design.

    The chairlift could be in Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy or perhaps father a field but probably not UK

  4. Ewen, My dearest, darling - I could kiss you! - Thanks to your comments about the River Orne, I have not only been able to identify a rough area, but I have been able to identify an exact building, with exact cross references.