Friday, April 30, 2010

Antibiotics, Your Health and Your Childrens Health

I’ve spoken about this topic before here Anti-Bacterial Wipes, Sprays and Hand Washes 30.09.09 I suppose what makes me write again is last night while watching “A Current Affair” (Yes, I sick in mind and body) ACA - 29.04.10They made reference to the fact that perhaps peanut allergies and food allergies in general have increased 400% and this MAY possibly be due to the over-cleanliness of homes.

I was then reading this article today ABC 30.04.10 indicating that we are on the verge of a ‘superbug’ that will be resistant to ALL forms of current antibiotics. This scares me silly.

The New York Times makes reference to a very recent incident New York Times 27.02.10 From a further article also in the New York Times New York Times #2 27.02.10 it states “It is likely to be several years before new drugs to treat Gram-negative infections are available. A report last September by European health authorities found only six novel drugs in clinical trials that might work against at least one Gram-negative organism, compared with 13 for Gram-positive bacteria.”

Noting that the Gram-negative bacteria are even more resist to antibiotics that the MRSA bacteria which is prevalent in Australian Hospitals and is the bug that many Australian hospitals are trying to prevent under the ‘debug’ program, which involves hand washing between patients with an alcohol based dry hand wash from pumping stations available outside each ward.

Therefore our use and overuse of anti-bacterial products and antibiotics may just be harming our children and their children. Perhaps over-zealous cleaning in the house is also causing allergies, and the medical industry is already aware that overuse of antibiotics and the non-completion of prescribed courses is causing the creation of the superbug.

I’m not saying live like pigs, but I am saying perhaps put down that liquid anti-bacterial soap and pick up the one without the germicide in it. It cleans just as well, if not better than the ‘other’ one.

If the doctor prescribes antibiotics, consume them all, until the course is completed, not until you feel better.

If you are a city slicker, I’m sure you noticed that your country cousins never seem to be sick, it is a proven fact that children exposed to ‘germs’ on the land, or farms have a proven immunity to general coughs and colds and similar. Even an open graze seems to be offered protection from infection simply because of lifestyle.

Keep this in mind and perhaps try imitating our country cousins, they do say that imitation is the best form of compliment.


  1. Agree, all kids need to eat a bit of dirt. Mollycoddled father's cousins were always sick when they got older.

  2. What mde me rehash the first post was watching ACA last night and then the ABC article (Both referenced above) and I realised it's so true and the 400% increase in allergies, particularly the nut allergy I find extremely concerning.
    My kids are as healthy as ox, thankfully and I think that is part due to the fact that I've banned the use of anti-bacterial anything in my house since before they were born.
    Thanks for the comments Andrew - they are always appreciated!

  3. I think they and you are really on to something there! We need to relax just a bit on certain levels and let the little ones get dirty, have their pets and live their lives like real people, not like precious gems being kept wrapped in cotton wool and kept in sterile boxes. Past the window of mothers protective breast milk being consumed regularly it is only with exposure that humans develop their own essential anti-bodies required to fight the little beasties of viral and bacterial origin.... We do our children a severe health injustice thinking we're "protecting" them from dust and dirt and ultimately we do more harm than good in our actions here. Great post!

  4. The kids I know that were kept pristine were the sickest little buggers and yes, some of them even have nut allergies.
    I loathe anything antibacterial, refuse to use it. I figure my body has done a good enough job up til now, why upset the balance.

  5. Thanks Fen, I am so glad I am not the only 'nutter' in this world. Even with the flu that I've this last week or so - without the help of antibiotics I've managed to throw most of it - My chest is still crackly, but that is to be expected. I suspect that even with antibiotics, things may not have been much different.

  6. Heather,
    I think your advice is spot on!
    Many products, such as regular soap, hot water or vinegar, are very effective in destroying or removing bacteria. As is physical cleansing, scrubbing and wiping. A while ago a retired nurse told me that she believes many nurses relaxed their physical cleaning techniques once anti-bacterial soaps were introduced. I expect this may occur in homes also when people purchase products labelled as anti-bacterial