Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I had a goat ………. I did………… I done

Goats are in the media. So I thought I would add my little bit.

I’ve owned goats, in fact more than one – I’ve had Baby, Emma. Billy and Butt-Head. You can learn a lot from goats, sometimes they are worse than kids, cats and dogs.

Emma was black and white – she was a good goat, the only problem was she was Houdini, The neighbours got sick of tethering her up again and she was also a very good actor, right to end, when she was too good for her own good, and the sickness she was hiding killed her.

Billy was a white goat, was a boy and well smelt a lot, but besides that was a good lawn mower and tree trimmer.

Baby – the name invokes tenderness and YES she was my favorite. Her only problem was attachment issues. Unless she could see/hear you – she would cry like a baby.

Butt-Head – was the worst of the lot and I suspect the name says it all. I am wondering if it is purely a boy thing – but Butt-Head (whose name USED to be Billy also) use to butt you ever 1 metre or so as you were taking him to the tether point and bringing him in. The only way to stop it was to hold him by the horn and man-handle him that way.

Goats are great animals and if it wasn't for the Houdini’s and Butt-Heads of this world I would get another.

As for the current events, the goat Billy saw that bucket of weeds as his Nirvana, nothing more, nothing less. Weeds and goats are like bees and honey. It is a symbiotic relationship!

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