Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flooding in and around Whittlesea, Melbourne 28th Nov 2010

Flooding in and around Whittlesea on the 28th November 2010, taken by myself about 8am

Near the Whittlesea Showgrounds - road is submerged, the SES are in the showgrounds trying to figure out what to do - water would be 1-2foot deep at a guess and more rain is predicted.

Cades Road, we were warned not to continue - a ute and horse float nearly got washed off the road, they were lucky to get through.

This is in Upper Plenty tree across the road, not the first that we had seen

Upper Plenty again - you can see where the water had rushed across the road, leaving debris behind

McGavins Road, just off Wallan Road in Upper Plenty - would appear that the road has been undermined/pinned. That lump in the water is where the road should be and is not.

Grants Road, this is the 'swamp lands' as referred to by many locals and is acting accordingly

This is Selkirk Road, Eden Park - this is the first time I have seen this section of road underwater in 14 years, normally it goes over at the creek. (taken by HTC Mozart Camera Phone)

Yan Yean Road, Opposite the Growling Frog Golf Course, the amount and speed of the water is visible against the power pole. (Taken by HTC Mozart Camera Phone)

Yan Yean Road, looking east towards the entrance of Growling Frog Golf Course, water across the road and several holes of the golf course under water. (Taken by HTC Mozart Camera Phone)


  1. I must be more fortunate where I live to not have flooding like this. I hope that there wasn't too much damage about the place.

  2. I'm being told lots of fences down (again) it never seems to end - especially if you are in a low lying area.

    We haven't taken much of a hit up here - sure waterlogged - but beyond that not too bad - will be worse IF the wind picks up - we could lose several trees to the wind - fingers crossed we don't