Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update - Telstra (16th November 2010)

Refer to this post for the beginning of the story Telstra - How Many Thefts, How Many Deaths Before You Are Accountable?

I rang Telstra last night and was advised that someone was coming out to the premises on Wednesday, my first reaction was WHY wasn’t I told, that means I have to be home. It was explained to me that no, this time my presence wasn’t required. The ‘coming out to your premises’ was the wording that caused me to lose the plot. It implied I had to be there, it implied that I hadn’t checked my handsets were unplugged blah blah blah. I’m so over arguing with service providers. Did you know that I have both the power and telephone service provider numbers stuck the back of my phone in BIG writing, so it can be easily read in times of emergency?

I’ve checked with the all the elderly neighbours, they have phones, which is a relief; it means I don’t have worry about them.

In the conversation last night, with the Telstra rep, I was told the problem was a “Power Fade Imbalance” I checked with several people (in the industry) and they’ve not heard this term before. Professor Google doesn’t know the meaning either (and yes I tried Inbalance also)

I was speaking to an ex-employee of Telstra last night and they’ve advised me to contact both Telstra (special division within) and the Telecommunications Ombudsman in relation to these ongoing problems. The reasons behind NOT doing it before is due to personal reasons and that I can only deal with so much ‘garbage’ both mentality and physically and I’ve had a lot of it in the last 13 years. From bad car accidents, to a permanently broken leg, bushfires, working full-time, family life, a very patient husband, business closing, and that is the big stuff.

The failing/failed telephone service is just another hurdle I’ve had to deal with. I can’t take on the world, and one person against many rarely wins any battles.

But like a mother grizzly, when my children are threatened I will attack and that is the stage I’m up to now, when I can’t communicate with my children when I need/want to then I get upset and that is the ONLY reason I am going to take this fight up a notch.

I reiterate THE FOLLOWING event is in no way Telstra’s responsibility BUT my heart was in my mouth and I’m sure yours will be when you read it I Was Never So Scared.

We may only live 40km from the CBD – but sometimes I feel like we live in Outback Australia, the only thing missing from my emergency equipment is a radio network (Which wouldn’t be too hard to set up considering just over the hill is a HAM radio operator) and I have a generator in case of power failure.

(Please note as at 17th November 2010, phone service has been re-instated)
Updated - 17th November 2010

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