Friday, November 26, 2010

Telstra HTC Mozart Review 20101126

Picked up the phone today – The HTC Mozart WP7 handset to be precise.

You had to be there to appreciate it – but I couldn’t even get the phone out of the box!

Yes I know – you can start rolling your eyes now.

I’ve finally managed to get the phone out of box, I turn it on, enter my PIN and go from there. In the first 5 minutes I was ready to throw it against the wall (well window) but I’m sure you know what I mean. It was so foreign to what I’m used to. Long presses, short presses, slide this, slide that. Really really confusing for a veteran Nokia user. Even though my phone is touch screen, it’s a Nokia E97.

Alright – sitting down with the others and trying to absorb everything. I figure out how to get the weather (cool pictures actually) and when raining you get a windscreen wiper swiping across the screen!

Tried to download twitter via the wireless network, but I couldn’t for some reason, everyone thought a problem with network congestion. So left it at that, figured I would try again later.

That was about as far as I got – although I did ‘kind of’ mention that if anyone could crash this ‘thing’ (as I was calling it) It would be me!

Still couldn’t get much happening, although I did learn that if the phone rings and you didn’t want to answer BUT you didn’t want to have to listen to it ring – you just flip the handset face side down and it’s silenced!

I also learnt that if you are on a call and want to go to loud speaker, you again flip the handset face side down and it automatically switches over to loud speaker COOL.

Another thing I’ve had trouble adjusting to is the touch screen, with the Nokia any implement can be used to touch the screen and make commands work. Pens, pencils, fingers, finger nails, they all worked, with the Mozart it’s only flesh and blood, so ONLY skin – found that very hard to adjust to – but getting used to it. The buttons are small, BUT not too bad.

So I get home and decide to plug into the home network, enter in the 26 digit WEP key. Get it wrong twice, but finally get it right. Try to download Twitter again, still won’t work. – something HAS to be wrong.

I call a support team member, we go through a hard reset and get it to work YEAH, I can tweet from my new phone.

Twitter downloaded, now to download Tetris, another favourite pastime of mine. Get 75% through the download and the battery dies *cries*

I go and get the charger from the magical unopenable box (refer above), plug into 240v and nothing, no lights nothing to indicate charging, not charging *cries*
Try the USB port, same thing *cries even harder*

Turns to Twitter, and viola, the brains of the party, told me to remove the battery and see if that works. *happy dance* It works – I now have a phone that is charging.

So from the last 5 hours I’ve learnt:-
1. Nokia users need some patience to relearn old skills
2. How to reset/reboot a mobile phone (never done with Nokia)
3. Have to remove the battery to recharge (Reason unknown)
4. The battery life is quite short (I hope it beds down)
5. I’m enjoying the challenge, but will I enjoy the phone? Only time will tell

If you are on Twitter, follow the banter at #TelstraWP7

Thanks for listening to the rant! – Maybe tomorrow brings smiles

Telstra Exchange

2nd Day Review

“I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.”


  1. to increase battery life - go into settings - Mobile network - "add APN" (down the bottom) and type in "telstra.iph"
    Should increase and give you at least 24 hours battery life

  2. Try reading up this thread - for instructions on increasing your Mozart battery life:

    Much info and help there for new WP7 uers...

  3. Thanks for that - I have done that, so let's see what happens.