Monday, November 29, 2010

Wall-E – The Movie, The world that could be….

.............If we allow it to be.

My reason for writing this post, is that I was watching this movie on the weekend with my 13yo and even he realised there is a grain of truth in. Are we smart enough to save ourselves now? Or do we have to wait 800 years for a saviour?

W.A.L.L.E. = Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class.

Walle is a trash compaction unit, left behind after Earth was evacuated due to people just using and abusing and throwing away. Humans are evacuated as a temporary measure until the WALL-E units can clean up the planet and allow the humans to return.

Unfortunately 5 years after taking to the skies, earth was deemed too toxic for humans to return, so they stay in space and with a sedentary lifestyle, turn into fat humans, unable to move and only living because computers do everything for them, from making decisions, to bringing them food, to clothing them and making them scared of the real world.

When Eve is sent down to the Earth to see how things are going, she finds WALL-E and then a seedling, once Eve detects the seedling, she shuts down, hiding the plant, and calling for a ship to come and pick her and the plant up.

WALL-E hitches a lift and makes it back to the mother ship. The Auto-pilot of the Mother ship realises that the plant signifies life and by declaring WALL-E a threat and stealing the plant, the autopilot almost derails humans returning back to Earth.

Eventually the humans realise that being obese and reliant on robots/computers is not good nor healthy for them and make a change.

What I’m getting at, are humans being too consumer orientated, prepared to settle brand-new straight out the box and not fix something that is broken, rather throw it out and get a replacement?

Are we becoming too reliant on computers to feed us, warm us, monitor us, coach us, entertain us and pretty much do everything except spoon the calorie laden food into our mouths and wipe our butts (Although I believe you can buy a toilet seat that does that!)

Have we lost our sense of who and what we are? Have we lost the ability to think for ourselves, have we lost common sense. Are we so stupid that we can’t think for ourselves anymore.

Think it about – watch the movie WALL-E, it might have been made in 2008 and it might be animated, but look, listen and pay attention – there IS A MESSAGE THERE.

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