Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update - Telstra (17th November 2010)

I have phones again (well phone) as only one of the two landlines I have into the premises wasn’t working.

The phones went out on Saturday – well I knew there was a problem at 11am – so not sure exactly when they went out.

You can follow the story here:-
Telstra - How Many Thefts, How Many Deaths Before you are accountable?
Update - Telstra (16th November 2010)
So currently the Telstra case is closed for voice calls.

I enquired about the ADSL option, since I was rocking boats and as I was told the 11th November 2011 would be the date available for me to access ADSL.

Question - I asked some questions, namely IS ADSL available to me at my address and at what speed?
Answer – (Part 1) I’ll have to check both those. You can’t have ADSL+2 but you can have ADSL+1. The speed will be 8mb
Question – I can have 8mb? WOW, that’s fast. Better than I have now. What’s the slowest speed that I would get up here?
Answer – Let me check that. Well under the terms of contract the minimum you would/could receive is 110kb
Question – Can you tell me what the speed would be where I am?
Answer – There are many factors that determine the speed, from hardware, to asset/infrastructure issues.

I left it at that – although technically I could be saving $20.00 a month by bundling (well initial costings anyway)

I did some checking when I got home, only to discover some interesting facts.

My main voice line ‘might’ accept ADSL (Not ADSL+2), as per the wording from the Telstra Site - The following broadband option(s) may be available for: 03 XXXX XXXX
My data line – says – (well it depends on the mood of the Telstra site) – one attempt said sorry, NOT available, the next attempt said ADSL (not ADSL+2) may be available – who to believe? The human or the machine? Did the machine feed the human garbage, or has a human fed the machine garbage?

It was suggested wireless is the way to go – firstly the amount of data used, it’s not a viable option, secondly if I can’t maintain a stable 3.5g mobile connection, how the hell can I run a 24/7 internet connection without drop-outs?

So I’m back where I started, with 2 x working phone lines and a working internet connection. (Well I had the 2nd phone line AND internet connection working all weekend) that’s not the point.

As at 17.11.2010 Case closed………………………… (or is it?)


  1. Never take what Telstra says about ADSL access as gospel. We have had conflicting information in the past.

  2. I completely agree Andrew - completely agree

    Drives me nuts :(

    Information overload