Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I need a rocket launcher

People are so inconsiderate. I really have trouble understanding sometimes where manners have gone.

Two examples yesterday had me picking my jaw up off the ground – one more so than the other.
We took the boat out. We used different ramp facilities to normal, both for the area and from where we normally launch.

Launched the boat no problems, the launch was easy, facilities good (by other standards), a tad pricey, but hey, you pay for what you get, the problem was in the retrieval of said boat.

The moorings were full – that is 4 boats, either coming in OR out. There were two boats behind us in the water – waiting also to retrieve their boats. One had the audacity to call out and say, “are you waiting?” we replied “Yes” – No sooner had we said that, than he cuts around us and ties up at the END of the pier – this is frowned upon because it prevents a straight in approach and you have to go around to moor and then proceed with a retrieval. Remembering this is all done is fairly shallow water and tight confines, which could make for expensive repairs to one or more boats IF something goes wrong.

Example number two – same thing, comes from behind, but cuts in front of TWO boats and moors closest to the ramp, so this operator has cut off both ourselves AND the next person in line (with the trailer coming down the ramp) – so now you have a bottle-neck IN the water and ON the ramp.

We finally got in and loaded and out of there, but we won’t be returning. We prefer the ‘working class’ ramps, at least people there have manners and the ability to wait their turn. Share their stories and give a hand.

Does rudeness or lack of manners come from having money or too much of it? – or does it come from having no money and pretending you do? I don’t know – but I do know that those with less, certainly have more when it comes to being polite and having manners.

As hubby said, if I’d had a rocket launcher I would have used it – just to show others watching in dismay that we too agreed with their unsaid words and looks of disgust.


  1. I have to agree with you there seems to be more and more incidents of people who have either lost their manners, choose not to use them or sadly it seems were never taught any.
    Perhaps that rocket launcher might be a good idea..

  2. Blossy - I think they choose NOT to use their manners OR they were never taught them in the first place.
    And we wonder why the world is becoming more violent :(
    Violent because these same people think they are entitled and when they don;t get, they lose the plot :(