Sunday, November 28, 2010

How I became a HTC Mozart WP7 handset reviwer

I'm not sure of the pre-requisites of being successful applicant to the program, I don’t have a Facebook account that I use, I do love Twitter and pretty much live on it. I do have a blog (here), which is where I intend to post my thoughts and feelings.

I entered the selection process via the Telstra site, on impulse and before you know it I’m told I’m in!

I work mainly in the Construction Industry, I’m not related to anyone in the IT industry nor do I work for any IT companies. I’m not a programmer, I’m not a journalist, I’m not a reviewer. I work full-time, playing with book keeping ‘stuff’. Oh and I’m female – there have been whispers that it’s a bit of a boys club!

I didn’t agonise over the wording of my application, my fingers just took to the keyboard, and I pressed enter without really thinking.

If you haven’t already figured it out – I’m a veteran Nokia user and didn’t know the first thing about HTC – I thought for sure that would rule me out from any sort of review process.

But here I am with a ‘free’ handset and making comments according to my likes and dislikes – and you have to put up with 2 weeks of me agonising, dreaming, wishing, threatening to kill "IT” <-- as I refer to the handset! You can follow my thoughts, my rants and my praises here:- TelstraWP7 Label

Telstra Exchange

4th Day Review

“I have been given a HTC Mozart with Windows 7 Phone by Telstra free of charge to review. The comments expressed by me reflect my own user experience and personal opinion and are not made on behalf of Telstra.”

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