Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Truck, the Commodore and the Fallout #46

Post 45
On the 15th May 1998 I was involved in car V truck accident, that saw a commodore shortened by 3 foot either end. The following entries are from a diary I kept at the time.

It’s now 13 years later and the pain is still here – the TAC of course have wiped their hands of me. I learnt a long time ago that the only person you can rely on is you and it’s something that has stood me in good stead for longer than I can remember.

29th October 1999

.......... This morning I got up and chewed some painkillers and was chewing on them again by morning tea time. Things did not get much better after lunch. By 1pm I had to throw one more Panadeine Forte down and another just before dinner. For the last two weeks, I can't get up in the morning without chomping on pills and I go to bed chewing some more. I feel like they are some sort of bizarre diet. I hate taking them, but they are necessary. Without them I am in agony. I try not to take them, but when you can't drive the car without them, then you don't have much choice.

I forgot to mention the twitching, my whole body has once again taken on a life of its' own from my toes to my shoulder. I keep feeling muscles twitching. When you get to bed and try and relax, you move without your brains consent. It's quite upsetting really.

Anyway, I am going to bed, let's see what tomorrow brings.

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Post 1 - The Beginning

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