Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Truck, the Commodore and the Fallout #4

Post 3

On the 15th May 1998 I was involved in car V truck accident, that saw a commodore shortened by 3 foot either end. The following entries are from a diary I kept at the time.

It’s now 13 years later and the pain is still here – the TAC of course have wiped their hands of me. I learnt a long time ago that the only person you can rely on is you and it’s something that has stood me in good stead for longer than I can remember.

10th June 1998

It is nearly a month after the accident.

I feel terrible. I should be feeling great. I have my car back and it’s okay. The insurance company fixed everything up okay. However the bills seem to be piling up. Even the cost of medicine for the pain is killing me.

……… My back is now worse that when this first happened. I don’t know how or why. I have been taking it easy and not doing anything really strenuous.

I now can’t even lift the wood for the fire and bending down the fire is unheard of. I used to enjoy lighting the fire.

………… Hubby is now working longer hours with the run up to Christmas (Yes it starts now), things are hectic, he starts early, which means that I have to get up earlier to organise the kids. Normally I don’t mind, but now because I am not sleeping this is a lot harder. I used to enjoy getting up with hubby and having a cup of coffee and then watching the sunrise over the hills.

…….. now I am so tired that hubby lets me sleep until 6.30am or he may call from the factory to check that I am up.

I think this is distressing him also.

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Post 1 - The Beginning

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